Spitfire is 60

The Supermarine Spitfire, an operational history by Christopher Whitehead.

To honour the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Spitfire, perhaps one of the most famous fighter aircraft of all time, we present "Spitfire is 60", an operational history of this famous marque.

The history covers the period from delivery of the first operational Mk I Spitfire to the RAF in 1938, through its illustrious career in many theatres of World War II, to its final service days.

A list of flying examples in the UK, and Spitfires preserved in museums throughtout the rest of the world is also included for reference.

We are indebted to Christopher Whitehead for his sterling work in compiling this chronology and to Julian Humphries, who supplied many of the photographs.

The profile illustrations were supplied by Rick Barker.

[ Into Service | 1939: War | 1940: Survival | 1941: Into France | 1942: The Fight Continues | 1943: The Tide Turns

| 1944: Return to France | 1945: Victory | Post-War Years | Preserved Examples | High Flight]

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